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Commercial Building Remodeling Construction

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Commercial Building & Remodeling

New businesses seem to spring up overnight and residential and commercial growth is definitely the trend in Green Country. You have to stay sharp to keep up with the competition and attract new customers. Old storefronts and dated interiors can stand between you and success, but Guinn & Thomas Builders puts you right back in the game with the finest new commercial construction and renovations/remodeling in Northeast Oklahoma.


Of course, the easiest thing for us is building new commercial, retail and office buildings.  However, what really sets us apart from our competitors is our ability to take a tired, plain storefront or interior and remodeling it to be modern, attractive, and support the impression that the business is successful and growing.  No matter if you are working on a retail, office, light or heavy commercial building, we have the experience and expertise to complete your project with style and within budget.

You know a builder is excellent when the lion's share of new business comes from referrals.  Commercial construction and remodeling for us is no different.  We are constantly contracted to do new remodeling or construction jobs for old clients.  And those clients are quick to recommend us to others because of their satisfaction with our work - both in how well the job is managed and appears on the date it is finished, and how well the new or remodeled building holds up over time.  

Whether the project is large or small, Guinn and Thomas are prepared to make your dream  a reality!



New Office Buildings

New Retail Stores

New Restaurants

New Car Wash

New Strip Shopping Center

New Industrial Office

Medical & Dental Facilities

Office Building Remodel

C-Store Remodels

Retail Inside Remodels

Strip Shopping Remodel

Hotel Lobby / Dining Remodels

Mixed-Use Commercial Center

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